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We can provide and setup broadband & networking for your home, office or other place of business. If you need two or more computers to talk to each other we can configure this using a wired or wireless solution.

Wireless technology lets you pretty much do anything computer-related without an untidy tangle of wires all over the place – from printing and playing games to sharing files and enjoying online music and movies through your TV and stereo.

Optimised, secure networks, without the stress!

Setting up home or business networks and connecting to the Internet – wireless or otherwise – can be a pain if you’re not sure what you’re doing. And if you fail to protect your network, you could leave yourself vulnerable to unauthorized access to your files.

We’ll assess your requirements and install and configure the best wireless, cable or computer network for your needs, including the most suitable router and other equipment. And we’ll also secure your wireless connections and computer networks against unauthorised access.
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+44 (0) 7812 347 074